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Simona Belaglovaite

Head of Marketing and Communication

It's about discovering what you enjoy the most, what you know the most about, and what brings you the most joy. Then the results and recognition will come much faster.

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Indrė Puidokė ir Viktorija Jakubėnienė

Training specialists

Indrė and Viktorija tell us how EBV Finance takes care of newcomers from the very first day they join the company.

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Laura Brazauskienė

Customer Success Project Manager

To keep going, you need to take on new tasks, new challenges and new responsibilities with courage, and to try things out and not to stay in a comfort zone.

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Žydrūnė Mačinskienė

Payments Team Lead

When faced with a challenge, I think: "I can do this". Then, plans and actions come together very naturally, and the challenge seems easy to overcome.

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Paweł Andrzejewski

Key Account Manager

It is a perfect journey that started for me more than a year ago. I know that this is just the beginning of a fantastic path I am on.

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Rolandas Tepliakovas

Chief Operations Officer

Respect is a very simple thing that we show towards each other in everyday situations.

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Lukas Gricius

Product Owner

The team is the most important element in product development.

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Matas Karaliūnas

Head of Sales, Baltics & International Partnerships

EBV Finance is a company that constantly motivates me to improve and move forward.

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Agata Ivaško

Manual QA Specialist

At EBV, I‘ve met many wonderful people who have become not only colleagues but also close friends

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