Success stories

Lukas Gricius

Product Owner

The team is the most important element in product development.

Success stories
Lukas Gricius

What was your journey to EBV Finance?

I joined EBV Finance after retraining. I was working as an operations specialist, but I felt that I was able and wanted to try new fields, so I started to learn to code. I learned by watching educational videos on YouTube and reading about the topics I was interested in. I also took a number of online courses (Udemy, Free code camp, Guru99, etc.).

After retraining, I was looking for a new job as a tester, and EBV Finance was looking for such professionals at that time. However, as I gained more knowledge about the company and its systems, I felt that I really preferred analysing to testing. That’s how I decided to try the job of an analyst. And six months later, as the IT department grew, I became a product owner and continued to contribute to the development of internal systems and our customer portal.

With an increased need for managing the priorities, work and goals of the team, it has almost doubled in size over the year. This year we are also expanding rapidly and looking for new people to contribute to the better and more efficient development of the company’s internal product and customer portal.

You’re not afraid of change and try to make the most of opportunities. What motivates you the most?

What motivates me the most is new challenges, the opportunity to contribute to different projects, and the freedom to act and realise my ideas. EBV Finance offers a lot of opportunities, you just have to be willing, curious and enthusiastic to take advantage of them. I have never had my idea rejected or not discussed by my colleagues or managers.

I also like the fact that I am not pigeonholed. I have the opportunity to be involved in the company’s projects that I don’t personally work on, take an interest and ask questions. And I can take on more responsibilities.

I think it’s hard for someone who is not committed to and passionate about their work to achieve bigger goals. It is not easy for their team either. Passion for your work is when you don’t hesitate when someone asks for help, when you care not only about the day-to-day routine and personal responsibilities, but also about what is happening within and outside the company. It is when tasks are analysed or designed and functionalities are developed and implemented not out of inertia, but by asking and wondering ‘Why?’ and ‘For whom?’. 

What competencies are needed to work for EBV Finance and make a career?

I would highlight curiosity, consistency and perseverance. And for someone wishing to grow and advance in their career, it is important to be able to assume responsibility. We learn and grow from all experiences – some are good, while others are lessons to be learned. Passion and curiosity drive growth and versatility.

How important is the team to you?

The team is the most important element in product development. If at least one team member is not fully engaged, it affects the whole team and its performance. That’s why it’s important to know, understand and play to the strengths of each team member. Achieving and implementing a common goal in a team can be a challenge, but we use the Scrum approach and a lot of communication with people in the company to avoid misunderstanding and communication gaps.

Working in a team gives me new inspiration, and encouragement to be interested in different topics and try new experiences. It’s also very important to feel the support of my colleagues and my manager. Then, even in the most difficult situations, the whole team works as a unit with team members helping each other.