Success stories

Agata Ivaško

Manual QA Specialist

At EBV, I‘ve met many wonderful people who have become not only colleagues but also close friends

Success stories
Agata Ivaško

What is EBV for you?
At EBV, I‘ve met many wonderful people who have become not only colleagues but also close friends. EBV Finance is a place where I feel confident in what I do. It is a place where I am not afraid to ask questions and dig deeper. I know that I will always be appreciated.

What one word (or few) would you use to describe the work here?
The work here is dynamic and there is never boring here????.

What environment does the new EBV employee enter?

When a new employee comes to EBV Finance, he or she enters a positive and fun environment and receives a lot of support from colleagues and managers. It is a great incentive to keep moving forward.

The first impression was when you started working with EBV?
My first impression when I first started working for the EBV Finance was that the people and colleagues who met me were very open. I got a lot of support from them which motivated me to move forward.  I was also surprised by the very strong bond between the teams and the people, and the respect that they had for each other and for other people. People not only know their job very well, but also have a very strong passion for what they do.

Your career steps at EBV?
I joined EBV Finance two years ago as application administrator. A year later I was invited to join our IT department, where I am now responsible for system testing and quality assurance.

What is your role in the whole EBV team?

I am looking into the growing needs of the EBV Finance team to ensure that our colleagues get the best possible software functionality to support their work.

What can you say about your team?

Our team is made up of very different people who have very different perspectives, backgrounds, working experiences and know-how. This is like our internal engine that drives us forward.

What challenges have you encountered while working at EBV? The opportunity to retrain in a completely new field was a challenge for me. As EBV Finance is a fast-growing company, we always can develop our knowledge in different processes and thus participate in different projects across the company.