Povesti de succes

Luca Vassos

Customer Care Team Lead

EBV for me is a group of professionals, who are curious and dedicated to improve themselves and the organization every day

Povesti de succes
Luca Vassos

What is EBV for you?

EBV for me is a group of professionals, who are curious and dedicated to improve themselves and the organization every day. I do not remember one week here since I’ve come a year ago when we would not gather and brainstorm new ideas and processes.

What one word (or few) would you use to describe the work here?

when I joined EBV, i was looking for a place where I could make the difference, where i could invest my energy, offer my insights and support to change what can be better today into a much more satisfying experience tomorrow. I am glad to say my expectations were met 100%.

What is your role in the whole EBV team?

I am team leader in customer care department. Every day I take pride in working super hard to get my team what they need to succeed.

Your career steps at EBV?

This is my first experience in this role and i found great support from all my colleagues, who taught me a lot. Last Christmas then I was honored when I received the award for entrepreneurial spirit of 2021.

What can you say about your team? How would you describe your team?

Those who work with me know that I care a lot about each one of my team members. They often inspire me and motivate me to give my best, and I see in them great respect and passion for their job and customers.

What environment does the new EBV employee enter?

Working at EBV represents a unique opportunity to confront yourself with a group of true professionals. It’s challenging because we work hard to provide excellency to our customers and stakeholders, but it’s also fulfilling to see how your actions impact so much the organization and make the difference.

The first impression was when you started working with EBV?

EBV has grown a lot since I was here. As I came, I was very much humbled by the trust I felt from my colleagues who didn’t know me and the responsibilities I was given. When a new member join my team, I do everything I can to make him feel that he belongs.

What challenges have you encountered while working at EBV?

I usually have hundreds of new ideas every day and sometimes it’s hard to choose, but because we have so much space for initiative and innovation, I always try to implement them. Of course, this requires a lot of time and experience, to learn a lot and face the unknown, but at the end of the day it’s incredibly satisfying.