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Rolandas Tepliakovas

Chief Operations Officer

Respect is a very simple thing that we show towards each other in everyday situations.

Historie sukcesów
Rolandas Tepliakovas

What does the value of Respect mean to you?

Respect is a very simple thing that we show towards each other in everyday situations. Treating each other with respect gets things done faster and ends up with a pleasant business for all parties.

Tell us more about your team.

My team is formed out of more than 70 energetic, driven, passionate employees. They are coming every day to work to succeed both as a company and as individuals.

What values a person should have, that you are looking for on your team?

In the Operations department, the most important things are motivation and attention to detail. With motivation comes everything else – eagerness to learn and support that ends up with the business as smooth as possible. As there are many people in the teams, you can feel the connection, which is for me the most amazing thing.

What does entrepreneurship spirit mean to you?

The entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset and an approach.  Once you have the correct mindset, it is easier to approach everything – people, projects, and products with the improvements and ideas, that can help us move forward as a company.

The biggest achievement of your team that you are proud of?

Every day is a combination of big or small challenges and achievements. It is our duty as a team to overcome them, solve them, and then celebrate their success.

How do you celebrate achievements?

To celebrate success, we have a variety of methods, from very small things such as brunches or team buildings. To two major events in the year which are happening in summer and winter, and they are called “fests” where all employees of EBV Finance from all the countries gather.

Share your advice for young people who are just thinking about their career path.

For those, who are wondering what career path to choose I have only one piece of advice – have the energy to do something good and meaningful. If your work is too much related to math, find a hobby that is related to the arts. Find the balance in your day to keep yourself motivated.