Sėkmės istorijos

Simona Belaglovaite

Head of Marketing and Communication

It's about discovering what you enjoy the most, what you know the most about, and what brings you the most joy. Then the results and recognition will come much faster.

Sėkmės istorijos
Simona Belaglovaite

What is your guiding principle at work, what is your motto?

In my work, as in my life, I follow the rule that you have to believe in what you are doing and see the meaning in it. Otherwise, work is just a merry-go-round of ever-changing tasks. It’s about discovering what you like best, what you know best and what brings you the most joy. Then the results and the appreciation will come much faster.

What was your career path at EBV Finance?

I joined EBV Finance more than two years ago. I am responsible for the marketing and communications division. I am happy that in these few years I have managed to implement many significant projects and realize my ideas and create new things. EBV Finance opens many new opportunities, you just have to dare to accept new responsibilities.

What is important for future leaders?

I believe that a team leader should be able to inspire his team members to change and help them grow. In the same way, I cannot imagine a team leader without empathy. A manager should be human and understand his team members.

What values and qualities of character do you particularly value in your colleagues and team members?

What I particularly value in the team is the sincerity, determination, ambition, and development that help us achieve our goals. Courage and curiosity – these qualities make people want to seek answers and innovate. A true team is one that helps and supports even the craziest ideas.

What does “continuous learning” mean to you? How do you encourage team members to learn?

A person who is inquisitive and always looking for ways to improve will always achieve more. That’s something I highly encourage and value. Continuous improvement helps you to be more confident and make wiser decisions. And then it is much easier to take on challenges.

What helps you overcome challenges?

It is said that there are no unsolvable situations, only unresolved ones. So, it’s important to have a mindset that every situation you face is just another step towards continuous improvement.

What inspires you at your work?

Most of all, I am inspired by the ambitious people around me and the environment where I feel mutual trust. I’m glad I discovered these things at EBV Finance.