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Paweł Andrzejewski

Key Account Manager

It is a perfect journey that started for me more than a year ago. I know that this is just the beginning of a fantastic path I am on.

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Rolandas Tepliakovas

Head of Operations

Respect is a very simple thing that we show towards each other in everyday situations.

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Lukas Gricius

Produkto vadovas

Vystant produktus svarbiausia grandis yra komanda.

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Matas Karaliūnas

International partnerships and Baltic sales manager

EBV Finance is a company that constantly motivates me to improve and move forward.

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Luca Vassos

Customer Care Team Lead

EBV for me is a group of professionals, who are curious and dedicated to improve themselves and the organization every day

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Agata Ivaško

Manual QA Specialist

EBV sutikau daug nuostabių žmonių, kurie tapo ne tik kolegomis, bet ir draugais.

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