IdealDay 2022: 5 countries


On June 21st, the global celebration of Idealday 2022 took place, uniting 10,000 employees from various Edenred companies across 45 countries. Together, they provided support and assistance to local communities and NGOs. This remarkable day exemplified Edenred’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), featuring a range of initiatives such as serving meals to disadvantaged individuals, cleaning natural areas, engaging in heartfelt conversations with people facing hardships, and much more. Being able to contribute and be a part of such a devoted Edenred community is truly rewarding.

Here are some notable endeavors undertaken by EBV teams in different countries:

In Lithuania, our team split our forces into 3 groups. The first group visited the Social Support Facility “Alpaca Farm” and spent meaningful time with individuals facing mental and complex disabilities, surrounded by cute and friendly alpacas!

At the animal shelter “SOS Gyvūnai”, team members volunteered their time to guide dogs, provide nourishment to the animals, and maintain the cleanliness of the shelter premises and cages. Additionally, they generously donated the necessary food and goods to support the activity of taking care of pets.

The teams displayed their commitment to volunteering at the elderly nursing home “Tremtinių namai” by actively engaging in various initiatives. They diligently arranged a clean-up operation, ensuring a tidy and pleasant environment for the residents. Additionally, they thoughtfully organized daily activities, fostering an atmosphere of enjoyment and connection. The teams also engaged in heartwarming conversations with the local people, providing them with comfort and companionship. This marked their second consecutive year of involvement with this esteemed institution, showcasing their enduring dedication. Through this ongoing project, the elderly residents residing in the care home were able to savor the joys of good company, partake in physical exercise, and ultimately enhance their overall well-being.

In Romania, the team extended their support to Ukrainian refugees, engaging in food pack distribution within the country. They also prepared gifts and organized special activities for the children of St. John’s House. Furthermore, they selflessly donated blood, exemplifying their dedication to making a positive impact.

In Hungary, team members cooked and served meals for those in need in collaboration with the Hungarian food bank. By addressing the crucial issue of hunger, they demonstrated their commitment to combating food insecurity.

Colleagues from Poland actively participated in cleaning the Wisła River offshore and surrounding areas. Additionally, they passionately engaged in charity work, further contributing to the betterment of their local community.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to volunteer and actively engage in local projects and initiatives. We say a big thank you to our team members who took part in solidarity day so actively this year. By embodying the spirit of service (assistance, support) and collaboration, we aim to make a difference in the lives of those we live with together in our local communities.