VAT refund European countries

If your company was VAT taxed in any EU country where you are not engaged in any business activity, you can get all or part of the paid VAT refunded. We will help you do it fast and easy.

Read the VAT refund conditions and check if you comply with them. We are ready to help you.

Are you eligible for VAT refund?

You can get the entire or part of the VAT paid in one of 31 European countries if your company complies with all the criteria related to its status and business activity and if the purchase transactions comply with the following conditions:

Criteria to be met by your company:

  • You pay VAT in the country where the company is established.
  • You bought products or services in one of the specified 31 European countries.
  • The purchased products or services are intended for your company’s business.
  • You are not engaged in any business activity in countries from which you claim VAT refund.
  • You do not have official representations in the countries from which you claim VAT refund.
  • You have invoices and receipts issued on behalf of your company.

Products and taxes eligible for VAT refund:

  • Fuel
  • Paid road tolls
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Various spare parts
  • Representation costs
  • Hotel accommodation services
  • Catering services
  • Transportation services
  • Telecommunication costs
  • Other services

Get an offer now!

Leave your tax refund to us for a smooth and extra fast refund. Contact us to get an offer for VAT or excise duty refund.

Choose services to meet your company’s needs

Have special requests? Or maybe you simply do not want to or cannot wait? We will help in any case.
Choose any of our services to match your expectations.
We offer various VAT refund options – you can change the refund method during the process, if necessary.

VAT refund service

Get your VAT refunded without trouble

You want to have your VAT refunded in a standard way – submit the invoices and wait for the money to reach your account. The minimum amount per application from each state for a period shorter than a calendar year is EUR 400, and in case of declaring for a year – EUR 50.

“Fast VAT” service

Cash within 2 days

Wish to get your paid tax refunded very fast? Choose “Fast VAT” service – once you have submitted the invoices and the required documents, money will reach your account within 2 business days.

This method is suitable for companies wishing to get the refund of all VAT amounts paid within the past month and use them for your business activity.

“Quarter VAT” service

Quarterly tax refund just within 2 days

Wish to have your VAT refund for the past quarter? Choose “Quarter VAT” service, submit the invoices and get the refund of the paid VAT or its part within just 2 business days.

This method is suitable for companies whose monthly VAT amount is below the minimum refunded amounts.

“NET invoicing” service

VAT excluded invoices

Wish to pay for goods or services abroad without VAT? Choose “NET invoicing” service – we will make VAT payments directly to your selected fuel and road tolls suppliers.

This method is suitable for companies which buy fuel or pay road tolls abroad. The service offers the opportunity to pay the suppliers’ invoices without VAT.

Why us?

Our goal is to help your company get the refund of the paid taxes faster and without stress and financial costs.

We are professionals of the field and we have valuable know-how and excellent knowledge of the tax system subtilties of every country.

Avoid extra headache. If you commission us with this task, you will get your paid taxes refunded faster and easier.

  • We will save your time.
  • We will provide services accurately and properly.
  • We will answer all questions.

Choose us and we will get your money refunded!

Contact us by phone: +370 628 11111
or e-mail:

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