Get excise duty refund

If your transport service company is registered in the EU countries, you can get your excise duty refunded for fuel purchased in France, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Spain.

Read the excise duty refund conditions and check if you comply with them. We are ready to help you.

Are you eligible for excise duty refund?

The excise duty refund procedure is confusing and complicated and is subject to different requirements that differ from country to country. To be eligible for the refund of the paid excise duty, you have to comply with the entire set of criteria.

Criteria to be met by your company:

  • You purchased fuel in one of the following countries: France, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Spain.
  • You paid for fuel by a fuel card or a payment card.
  • You have all documents confirming the purchase of fuel.
  • The minimum laden mass of a vehicle is at least 7.5 tons.
  • The trucks were made after 2001 and are owned by your company.
  • The vehicle is registered in any EU country.
  • You have no representation offices and do not officially perform any business activity in the said countries.

Get an offer now!

Leave your tax refund to us for a smooth and extra fast refund. Contact us to get an offer for VAT or excise duty refund.

“Fast EXCISE” service

Get excise refund without delay

Wish to get your money refunded very fast? Choose “Fast EXCISE” service – money will reach your account within 2 business days after the invoice submission date.

This method is suitable for companies which do not want to or cannot wait for the standard excise duty refund term.

Why us?

We are experienced and skilled experts of 7 EU countries’ taxation environment and excise duty refund processes. We work and help refund money within the shortest possible time.

Use our services to save time and to avoid any possible mistakes that could prevent further excise duty refund.

  • We will refund 100% of the declared excise duty.
  • We will save your time.
  • We will provide services accurately and properly.
  • We will answer all questions.

Choose us and we will get your money refunded!

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