We are experienced specialists with excellent knowledge of various countries’ taxation environment and tax refund procedure.


We guarantee quality, accuracy and responsibility in the provision of our services. Choose us to avoid any mistakes in the complicated procedures of VAT and excise duty refund.


Our goal is to save your time, effort and money in line with top quality standards.

Speed and professional approach

EBV Finance is the leading company in the Baltic region.

We have extensive experience and offer VAT and excise duty refund services from the EU countries as well as Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein, irrespective of the supplier you are working with.

Our professional team consists of over 70 employees who communicate in different foreign languages and are experts of the European tax laws, therefore we can ensure exceptional quality and speed in the provision of services.

Extensive experience in submitting of VAT and excise duty applications.

Professional submission of applications – 100% of the declared taxes are refunded.

Cooperation with foreign tax authorities.

VAT refund

Your company was VAT taxed in any EU country where you were not engaged in any business activity – we will refund all or part of the paid VAT fast and easy.

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Excise duty refund

Your transport service company purchased fuel in France, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania or Spain – we will refund the excise duty you are entitled to.

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Fast VAT refund

Do not wait for regular VAT refund terms – get your money in only two business days! Just submit all required documents to us.

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Fast excise duty refund

File an application with all required documents and we will transfer the excise duty in just two business days.

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Employees in Europe


Refunded VAT and excise duty


Our mistakes are insured


VAT and excise duty aplications submitted


European countries we work with

Benefit to the client

Our goal is to help your company get the refund of the paid taxes faster and without stress and financial costs.

Possibility to get 100% refund of the paid taxes within 2 business days.

Fast and professional VAT and excise duty refund at a competitive price.

Independent VAT and excise duty refund service provider which cooperates with different fuel suppliers.

Reliable and professional partner.

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Leave your tax refund to us for a smooth and extra fast refund. Contact us to get an offer for VAT or excise duty refund.

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